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How often should I have my windows cleaned?


This is a great and yet common question we get asked. In the Bay Area, the seasons don’t really change as much as other areas. We don’t get snow and ice and that is a good thing for your windows. Typically, the best time to clean windows is at the beginning (or end) of each season. Since the Silicon Valley kind of has two distinct seasons, we recommend you clean your windows twice a year. A good time to schedule with us is before the rain season ends, since we are very busy that time of year, consider booking in advance. Also, at the end of summer is another good time. Obviously, rain season is not a great time to wash windows, but there is a span between summer and rain season, since the area doesn’t rain much in fall.

Some corporations like to clean their windows once a month or even once a week. The logic is that employees are happy to see out of the windows. Happy employees are more productive as well. Whatever cleaning schedule your business or home has, we can accommodate every need. Call us to chat more about Bay Area weather, windows, or whatever else you think to ask.

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